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Kraft Junction is Brand Management and Creative Agency registered as a LLP in India.

MIG 49, Indiranagar,Kanpur 208026, India

107, 2/3 Second Floor, 82 Wood Street, Liverpool, UK

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Get Noticed. Be Different.

In the fast moving world, creativity is what makes the difference. A golden fish in the swarm of silver fish. Being different is what makes you different from the competition. It is what makes you stand out, make people notice, make them wonder, make them think and finally recollect you when they see you again.

This is what is known as ‘Brand Building’ placed in the simplest language.

Our Consultancy services are now into the third generation successfully helping individuals and businesses building up their brands. We all have heard the tale of tortoise instead of the hare. The hare that got lazy and slept midway in a race to let the tortoise win.

In a fast pacing world, who is tortoise anymore? It is battle of hares. Should we even consider our competitors as tortoise anymore?

 Slow and Steady wins the race. That is what a good business and idea model already appreciates and takes into account.

Why not up the scale and be Fast and Steady?

This is where our consultancy services play a major role for individuals and businesses.

We also take into note that the hare does not overrun and over heat its heart and perishes before the race culminates at the finishing line.

We also don’t believe in making changes simply to make a change. This is the biggest mistake we see most of the creative and brand managers do.

We look to analyze, appreciate the past and build the future beyond.  This helps in deriving and arriving to a solution that is cost effective.

Brand Building is a time consuming time. True. Hence, You need to start it right now.

Those who believe we have magic wand, we won’t give them any wrong notion. We don’t have any magic wands.

We promise only what promises can be kept and honored. As with the hare, your business or brand in our hands will win the marathon that you are in. Those who are looking for short term results and quick results, sadly we are not your cup of tea. May be, except image disaster management nothing will happen in such short notice. We wish to be candid and hence we are making such confessions.

Ethics is the core aspect of our business. If you make a million, we make a thousand. This is our pragmatic approach to our creative consultancy. Hence we have endured for a long time, winning the trust of our clients.

Consultancy Services

Our services encompasses all sorts of creative support that will aid you to come to notice by your target groups among the rest of the competitors who wishes their own pie share.

Get Noticed. Get Remembered. Get Lauded. Get Recollected. Come Back Again.

This five principles drives our consultancy services.

We provide services for

Brand Management

Creative Advertisement (Video, Still & Audio)

Market Research

Risk Research Analysis

Image Disaster Management

Data Science

Social Media Marketing

Conventional Media Marketing

Website Development

Interior and Outdoor Design


That you can term as creative.

For this to be made possible, we have a team of Artists like Digital Painters, Photographers, Painters, Media Planners, Ad Man, Actors, Musicians, Marketers, Project Managers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Market Research Team, Social Media Experts, Interior Designers, Animation Designers, Website and Application Designers, Social Media Experts and Cyber Experts and others.