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Kraft Junction is Brand Management and Creative Agency registered as a LLP in India.

MIG 49, Indiranagar,Kanpur 208026, India

107, 2/3 Second Floor, 82 Wood Street, Liverpool, UK

+91 90 38963862


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About Us


“Create Beautiful”


To help brands grow into success stories

To bring creative and innovative changes in the world we touch

To create platforms for artist wherever and whenever we get the opportunity


Our Past – Let us Rewind

our true confess(cti)onary tales.

This idea of Kraft Junction was supposed to kick start many a times before it really took its shape. The whole plan was laid out. We had done multiple secondary and primary Market Research. We had kept company with the owls through many nights vigilant and working under burning flames to prepare our Projected Balance Sheets, Profitability, Profit/Loss Ratio! Few products in our catalogue that stands today in our proud custody and are on display were procured or created back then. Back when?

Back when we little chicks were set to fly. Alas! Nothing happens before time. Our plans suffered setbacks due to our own mistakes.

Quite a lot of them. Our plans were juvenile. We were chickens who dream to touch the sky. The first crazy thing we thought about making were wooden laptops made out of timber and bamboo. We dreamt we will destroy the entire silicon market. We were so serious about it. Trust us. We are damn serious.. We thought of building cars running on friction. At what not!

A little later. No wonder! We came crashing back to the ground. (As if we ever did fly!) . We lost a few chicken partners along the way consumed by jobs that paid. Some chickens – well  we lost count!

They evolved into dodos. Sigh! A little while later…

The eureka moment arrived in our lives. Count your eggs before they hatch!  Count your chickens after they hatch! That is the eureka enlightenment we had in one of our get weekends. Once the gang of Archimedes ran naked on the streets of old Athens, we had no regrets! We looked through each other’s mistakes and smarted our brains. The chicken had come out of the egg dreaming it can fly one day.

Our Present – Let us Pause

Back to the present.

We came out smarter 3 years later. Some with paunch called belly, some with thinner hair cover and shinier heads and we have plunged ourselves again. Slowly, the Dodos are coming back again.

If Nothing happens before time is an axiom, the following statement is even much more axiomatic.

Nothing happens after time. Everything happens just in time.

​Now we present ourselves in the most humble way we possibly could to the entire world. We have evolved ourselves as a team.

We have transformed ourselves through our journey into a creative agency. An agency which has been providing brand management consultancy & creative consultancy services along with a lineup of some of the most promising art work for sales. We have heard the valuable feedback of our clients and customers who are as much the part of KJ family and have evolved ourselves adding verticals like web designing, market research, image consultancy, interior designing and creative problem and design thinking solution services.

We thank all those who were part of our journey. We sincerely believe some of them will return in back to the future.

The Future Lies Ahead – Lets Fast Forward

The future looks exciting. A foray based on our decade long experience in the music industry is our most exciting project that we see in our impending horizon. By Early 2021, we plan to create a platform under the tentatively titled ‘The Melody Project’ where we would be collaborating with some of the most promising, talented young and legendary artist from across the globe. Our vision for the project is simply tuned – ‘Artist Comes First’. With our digital and musical industry experience, we look to create a healthy environment for the musical artist who have been missing out their deserved share of the money being churned out in the musical industry in India. Music Lovers will also experience fresh experiments and we hope they would welcome bolder and more innovative experiments with open arms. We are approaching this project to rekindle and rejuvenate the dormant yet filled with potential Indian music industry which has become increasingly dependent on film music as its primary source of income. Our clear realization for this project is without the creative insight of musicians we would be paupers with no chauffeurs. Our intention is to give the requisite share to the musicians, let them immerse into the creative aspect and be hassle free with branding, marketing , sales and distribution.

Also almost a 4 year research with one of the most enigmatic mystery of India related to Subhas Chandra Bose that had been carried out by our sister organizations Worklab Group and Latibule Technologies Private Limited will see its day of light on 23 January 2021. This project has been a work of driven by our team’s love for the man and will hold no commercial interest as it has been since past few years. A 8 series documentary is slated to be released for the public and national interest. The documentary series has been tentatively titled – 23.01.1897.